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Save $1.15 in postage

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Stop handwriting USPS Certified Mail forms and save $1.15 in postage on each Certified Mail form your produce using our USPS Approved Certified Mail Software and Forms. Save valuable time by streamlining the process of preparing your Certified Mail by using our Web Certified Mail system. Track all of your Certified Mail quickly and efficiently in one centralized location. Import an address list and print your Certified Mail forms in minutes instead of hours.

Certified Mail can be sent Non Return Receipt, Return Receipt(Green Card Signature - $2.85), or Electronic Return Receipt(Digital Signature - $1.70). As such, companies can save $1.15 in postage by electing to use Electronic Return Receipt to obtain a digital signature for their Certified Mail. The Web Certified Mail system provides the ability to use Regular Return Receipt(Green Cards) or Electronic Return Receipt(Digital Signature) by simply selecting the appropriate check box.

The Web Certified Mail system is simple to use and can be setup in less than 5 minutes. Just go to www.printcertifiedmail.com or click on the Web Certified Service button above to register. With the Web Certified System, you can manage your Address Book, Copy/Paste addresses from your Word Processor, batch print large numbers of Certified Mail forms in a single print run by importing data from a file, Track all of your Certified Mail on one screen, and view your digital signatures(when using Certified Mail Electronic Return Receipt). The software is completely free and available for use 24/7.

The Web Certified Mail system does not require any software to be installed and can be used on any computer in your office by simply logging into your account.

Certified Mail Forms Available From Laser Substrates


This form is a single 8.5” x 11” sheet. Included on this sheet are the PS Form 3800 mail receipt (for in-house record and proof of mailing), the PS Form 3811 return receipt card (for signature capture at point of delivery), dynamically printed Certified Mail barcode, address label, an internal audit label(which displays miscellaneous information about the mailpiece), an optional label which can be another address label, a sender label, or an internal audit label.


This form is a single 8.5” x 14” sheet. Included on this sheet are three PS Form 3800 mail receipts (for in-house record and proof of mailing), dynamically printed Certified Mail barcode, address label, and an optional label which can be another address label, a sender label, or an an internal audit label(which displays miscellaneous information about the mailpiece).


This form is a single 8.5” x 14” sheet. Included on this sheet are three PS Form 3811 return receipt cards (for signature capture at point of delivery), dynamically printed Certified Mail barcodes, and address labels.

14" Certified Eco-SelfMailer

This form is a single 8.5" x 14" sheet. Create a Word Mail Merge letter and print the Certified Mail forms and letters in one pass through your laser printer. Just fold the bottom portion of the form(Letter portion of the form) towards the top(Envelope portion of the form), pull the side tabs, and seal.

11" Certified Eco-SelfMailer

11" Certified Eco-SelfMailers enable you to print a letter or Certified letter through any printer, no separate label or envelope needed. Then, a quick lift, fold, and seal turns our form into a secure, professional-looking mail piece that's ready for postage and mailing. This simplified process not only saves you time; it helps ensure that every item gets exactly where it needs to go.


  • Our patented return receipt card provides for complete simplex printing of live data—on-demand. Postal service forms and other competitive forms are pre-printed with article numbers that require the user to transfer or recode these numbers in a way that will associate them with the individual mail piece. Other competitive forms require the user to purchase inventories of pre-printed return receipt cards.
  • Mail piece and associated certified labeling can be merged more precisely due to the single-form, single-mail piece relationship. Common errors of mail piece execution—wrong addressing, receipt mismatches, return receipt cards or separate labels—are all but eliminated. This is especially important in a time-compressed or deadline-driven environment.
  • Since our products are common to all potential clients, we maintain warehouse supplies for normal UPS ground delivery to any address in the United States or overnight forms—365 days a year.
  • We provide free technical support for all our products.
  • We provide specialized 3 of 9 bar-coding of the unique portion of the article number to be printed on the face of the Return Receipt Card for potential inbound scanning or electronic filing.
  • Our LCD811 form includes the option to print a secondary label that can be used for multiple purposes, such as internal audit label, file reference, code reference, article number marking of office files, return address label, duplicate addressee label, etc.
  • Our laser forms are specifically designed for all office laser printers and Inkjet printers.
  • Ability to print your Certified Mail forms directly from your word processor(Microsoft Word or Word Perfect)
  • Ability to group the addresses in your address book to more efficiently batch print your Certified Mail forms
  • Multi-batching provides the ability to print multiple Certified Mail forms for a single address such as when sending tax returns to the IRS, while allowing a Client Name to be associated with each Certified Mail form.
  • Our software solutions includes the ability to print the Firm Mailing Book(PS Form 3877), which is required when delivering three or more mail pieces to the post office.
  • Ability to print a Certified Mail Log in a manifest format to clearly communicate the complete details of a certified mailing and the status of return receipt cards. This report is often utilized as a billing or “charge back” manifest. In addition, all activity can be exported to a .csv file(comma delimited text file) for internal analysis and reporting.
  • We are continually striving to improve both our forms and software to ensure the very best performance today and in the future. Recommendations are always welcome and updates are provided at no cost to our clients.

Our experience with customization and mass production of business forms spans five decades. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous small- to medium-sized businesses throughout all 50 states.

We pride ourselves on superior customer service and support. While our systems are designed for ease of use, we understand that some of our clients have particular needs. We strive to treat every user individually and will provide training and support whenever the need arises.

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  • All Certified Mail forms are USPS Approved
  • Web Certified Mail internet based software – Just register at www.printcertifiedmail.com and begin printing your Certified Mail forms today
  • Microsoft Word/Word Perfect integration - lets you print directly from any word processor
  • Free Software means you never pay license fees, registration fees or annual renewals
  • Ask about Electronic Return Receipt to save $1.15 cents on postage fees by requesting a digital signature
  • Ability to view your digital signatures online or via our automated email signature notification 
  • Robust import feature provides the ability to import lists of addresses with just three clicks of the mouse
  • Choose from our LCD811 and LCD43 (Green Card return receipt) forms or our CEL43 (Electronic return receipt/digital signature) forms
  • Ability to Track all of your Certified Mail real-time
  • Fulfillment houses and high volume mailers can quickly and efficiently produce PS Form 3877(Firm Book Report)
  • Print your Certified Mail forms in the same sort order as your source documents
  • Personal address book to store addresses that are used repetitively such as IRS addresses
  •  Send multiple Certifieds to one Recipient feature allows you to quickly send up to 20 Certifieds to one stored address